Shipping An Automobile


We recently had an accident on a road trip to the east coast. Although it wasn’t our fault, it was still a nightmare 1100 miles from home. We left the car in Mississippi to be repaired and took a rental back to Colorado. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Three weeks later the car was repaired and ready to be picked up. Our insurance company gave us one option – drive a rental back to Mississippi and then drive our car back to Colorado. That was not possible- we couldn’t take another five or six days off work. So we decided to ship the car on one of those big trailers we’ve all seen on the interstate highways many times.

Well, that’s when the nightmares really began. Our neighbors said they shipped a car to Colorado when they moved here by getting a bid on the internet. So that’s where we started – and we’re still getting calls from the scam artists.

I was perusing all their reviews online and noticed a little check box which eliminated all the “paid” reviews. Apparently they offer cash incentives to customers who give them a glowing review. The “upaid” reviews told a totally different story. I was beginning to think our only option was to drive back to Mississippi.

Then we found a friend who knew an auto broker who knew a shipper here in Colorado. We finally got our car back Friday night – almost 2 months after the accident. They delivered the car about 2 blocks from our house and I didn’t have to pay the driver in cash which most of the online companies required.

So if you are ever moving and have need of a car shipper, just give us a call for the referral. We’d be happy to save you some major headaches.