Mental Staging


Staging a home has become a near necessity when putting a home up for sale.Highlighting the best attributes and maximizing the fine points is in order to make a property more attractive to buyers.It just make sense and in most cases the expense is covered by an increased sales price.But once the home is staged, what about the Seller?

Can a Seller be staged?Only if the transaction is to go as smoothly as possible.The house is ready but what about the Seller and the Seller’s family, are they ready for the stress of keeping the home perfectly staged and living in a fish bowl?Should we not spend as much time “staging” the Seller as the home? Lets begin.

Most Sellers are under a great deal of stress, getting a house ready to sell, probably qualifying for a new home, changing schools and/or jobs, getting ready to move.It has been said that the stress of a move comes close to that associated with a divorce and only surpassed by a death in the family.Let’s take as much time preparing the family as the house.Discuss the necessity of keeping the house “perfect” at all times, not easy with a family, particularly with children.

Steps to Stage A Seller:

  • 1.Make a list for everyone – break down the responsibility for specific chores.Kids keep their rooms clean and neat with rewards for doing so – nothing wrong with a bribe from the Realtor. “Keep your rooms neat for two weeks and you get movie tickets as a reward”. Mom or Dad takes the kitchen, the other takes the living room as they leave. Rooms need to be systematically checked for showings. This needs to become an automatic thing.Assignments actually reduce stress.
  • 2.Getting things in order.Start packing, it has to be done anyway and what better time to get things packed in an orderly fashion.Again,make lists.The goal is to eventually have everything, but the essentials packed.Imagine no panic on moving day.
  • 3.Get someone to take care of the lawn or put together a schedule of when it will be done – no panic when someone wants to see the house.Many sales have been lost at the first site of the exterior, keep it neat.
  • 4.Did I mention, Make lists? – who is responsible for what and when.The goal is to make the Seller comfortable with the process. Making lists and explaining what is going, and what will go on, will do more to “Stage” the seller than just about anything you can do.